Experience the Future with our new all-in-one mobile app – guaranteed to give you full control of your finances.


Multiple Account Balances

Imagine viewing all your accounts, from different banks, on one screen - now you can. Easily access and centrally manage your account balances with our multi-bank balance feature.

Monitor your Spending

Stay in firm control of your money and make smarter financial decisions with our comprehensive expenses and transactions reporting feature.

Request Money in Style

Whether it's for a wedding, 'aso-ebi' contribution, services rendered, pocket-money or even splitting a bill, our e-invoices can easily be generated, sent and paid quickly.

Pay with Ease

Transfer money to one or multiple friends, family members or service providers easily. And those recurring utility or government bills? Not a problem. Schedule and settle them in a breeze.

A Safe & Secure Platform

With our multi-layered security features such as fingerprint authentication, OTP verification, and your Personal Security Number (PSN), your peace of mind is guaranteed!

And so much more...

  • Buy Airtime & Data
  • Snap/Tap to pay quickly
  • Toggle between your personal & corporate profile
  • View & show receipts on the go
  • Pay RRR Invoices and more.
remita remita

And for our Corporates...

Whether you’re a manager or business owner in:

  • Organisation
  • SME
  • Club/Association
  • School, or
  • Religious body

You can easily switch between your personal and corporate profiles on your device so you authorise payments quickly anywhere, anytime.

Register your corporate today on remita.net to get started.


What our Users are saying

Wow that was 'freaking' fast (kindly permit my use of language). “I'm very surprised. This is what Customer Support should be.“Thanks a million. I really do appreciate your prompt response.
Paul Okediji

What our Users are saying

You are one in a million! I did not know there is an organisation in Nigeria that could respond so fast, swift and in a courteous manner like you did. There is great hope for this nation. I followed your instructions. The transaction was successful. You are highly blessed, my sister. E ku ise o.
Sunday Adedeji

What our Users are saying

Remita is the most robust payment solution in Nigeria. Remita can do what banks cannot do around the world. I’m not marketing the payment system. This is a testimony of what I experience using the application because I use it at work every day.
Usman Ashem Mohammed

What our Users are saying

Remita, I see you whenever I am paying the Federal Government.
I guess you are the brain behind TSA. Keep up the good work
Al-Ameen Dambú

What our Users are saying

I just used Remita platform at the office. Very easy and quick.
Better than when I used to queue at the bank for hours and pay commission.
Ahmed Rufai Isah

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