Please find below our price chart to aid your understanding of all our charges (Prices are VAT exclusive).

Setup and Support Fees
Registration Fees Free
Integration Fees Free
Monthly Fees Free
Support Fees Free
Receive Funds
Receiving Funds from -
  • All Bank Branches in Nigeria
  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • POS
  • Mobile Money
  • Wallets
  • Your Website

A Single Collections Report Across All Channels.

Please note that when foreign cards are used, an additional 2%, charge is applicable.

2% (Minimum of ₦100 and a Maximum of ₦2,500)
Make Payments
Salary Payments ₦100 per Transaction
Standing Order
(Payer specifies a fixed amount)
₦100 per Transaction
Direct Debit
(Biller uploads payable amount)
₦100 per Transaction
Payment to Family and Friends ₦100 per ₦1M (max. ₦5,000)
Payment to Vendors and Others ₦100 per ₦1M (max. ₦5,000)
Payment to Remita Billers Free
Payroll & HR Processing
Employee Enrolment ₦500 per employee (One-off)
Salary Run
(Single Run)
₦250 per employee per month
Performance Appraisal ₦50 per employee per month
Employee Self-service ₦50 per employee per month
Leave ₦50 per employee per month
Staff Claims ₦50 per employee per month