Remita is a multi-bank e-payment and e-collections platform, incorporating a robust and function rich Payroll and HR solution for full integrated processing.
Remita can be used by Corporate organisations, Individual, Government etc.
You can make payments, receive payments, process payroll, pay taxes and pensions, send electronic invoices, set up standing order/direct debits.
You do not need to register to settle a Remita invoice that you have received. However, you will need to be a Registered Remita user to initiate payment to beneficiaries or to receive payment as a Biller.
You can access Remita at www.remita.net via your phone, tablet, computer or any other internet enabled device. You can also access the Remita App by downloading it from your phone's App store.
No. Remita is a web-based application that can be accessed at www.remita.net. All you require is an internet enabled device and a working internet connection.
Login to Remita with your credentials; select the Bank Balance Menu, and select the account(s) you wish to view; complete the security prompts to view your account balance(s).
Remita is available 24/7. You can access it anywhere and anytime of the day to carry out transactions.


Go to www.remita.net and select "Sign Up Now!". Complete and submit all the required details and you will receive an email with your login details. Print and sign the registration form and take to your bank for activation. Login to Remita with your credentials, change your password, and complete other security details. There is a ‘Welcome’ menu that provides information on the features of the platform.
To receive money through Remita, you will need to complete the registration process and create service types that would guide payers on how to pay you on Remita.
You can transfer money to anyone by visiting www.remita.net and generating an RRR which can be used to make payment through any of the channels available on Remita.
Remita allows you to have access to all your accounts across all banks on a SINGLE platform. Simply register and activate your account to commence processing.

Password Management

Click on the "forgot password" link on the Remita home page to reset your password. A new password will be sent to your registered email address.
Because the Remita sending address may not be automatically accredited by your mail service, check your Spam/Junk mail for the system generated password email. If not there contact support@remita.net
Click on the forgot password link to reset your password and unlock your user account.
Login to Remita, Select "Change my password/Security/PSN/" Menu and change your password.
Dynamic Authentication Number (DAN) is a second level security feature that is used to verify your identity on Remita. It is a combination of your Persoanl Security Number (PSN), pre-selected operator and a Remita question.


Payments are credited based on the account number supplied. Send details to support@remita.net or call 07007877678 or 0700-SUPPORT and we will liaise with the beneficiary bank for resolution.
You can make payments to beneficiaries in 2 ways:
  1. As a Registered Remita User
    • Log into Remita with your credentials.
    • Select the Payments Menu and choose the type of payment you wish to make (e.g. salaries, vendors) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. As an Unregistered user;
    • Visit www.remita.net; select "Pay Family and Friends" or "Pay Vendors and Suppliers" or "Pay Salaries"
    • Complete the payment form and click on "Proceed to Payment" to generate RRR
    • Make payment via your preferred payment channel, quoting the RRR.
There are no minimum and maximum amounts that can be paid on Remita.
The error message suggests that your upload file was not properly formatted. Kindly download a sample of the correct file format to be used for upload by clicking the "Hint" link.
Log into Remita with your credentials. Enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile number with other security parameters (DAN/PIN etc.)
No. Your bank would normally not charge you any additional charges for transactions processed on Remita.


Option 1: You can pay a Biller on Remita by visiting www.remita.net
  1. Select "Pay a Remita Customer/Biller" and enter the name of the Biller.
  2. Complete the payment form and click "Proceed to Payment" to generate RRR.
  3. Make payment via your preferred payment channel, quoting the RRR.
Option 2: If you already have your RRR, click "Pay an Electronic Invoice" on the homepage
  1. Enter the RRR and submit.
  2. Make payment via your preferred payment channel.
  1. Branches of ANY bank nationwide.
  2. Online Banking site.
  3. Debit/Credit cards (Verve, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay).
  4. POS.
  5. Direct Debit/Standing Order.
  6. Micro Finance Banks.
  7. Remita Collection agents.
  8. Digital Wallets (e.g. Mobile Wallets)
  9. Registered Remita User Profile.
  10. Remita Mobile App.
A Remita Biller/Merchant is anyone who has registered to receive payments through Remita and its multiple channels.
Service Type refers to the name of a service/product that is provided by a Biller, for which customers can make payments.
A Service Type may be defined on the Remita website or on the website/e-commerce site of the Biller.
To create a Service Type, an authorized user logs into Remita and selects the "Define Collection Rules" Menu.
The user supplies all the required details, including the information that is required from payers when making payment. E.g. Payer's Name, Payer's Email, and Payer's Phone Number.
You can request as many data types as desired; this will be presented as a form to anyone who wants to make payments to you.
Authorised users can log into Remita to confirm receipts presented by the customer based on the RRR.
Upon successful consummation of a payment via any of Remita's channel, the Biller is able to verify this on Remita or via electronic notification to Biller systems. Settlement is normally done on the same day, except for payments made using card (online and POS) where the funds are secured on your behalf but settled into your account the next working day in line with standard industry practice.
This indicates that your bank is yet to complete the activation of your profile. Once done you will receive a notification, and can then proceed to set up Service Types and specify the collection account.
All payments made through Remita are credited to the account of the Biller. Kindly contact the biller with the details of payment for resolution.
All payments made through Remita are credited to the account of the Biller. Kindly contact the biller with the details of payment for resolution.
The selected Billers collection account is credited as soon as you make payment. Send details to support@remita.net or call 07007877678 or 0700-SUPPORT and we will liaise with the Biller for appropriate resolution.
Completed transaction details cannot be modified for data integrity reasons. Send details to support@remita.net or call 07007877678 or 0700-SUPPORT for appropriate resolution.
Customers can pay you through any Remita channel of their choice and the monies will end up in your specified collection account in ANY bank.

RRR Processing

RRR stands for Remita Retrieval Reference, a unique transaction ID generated by a payer or merchant on www.remita.net that contains all the details of a transaction for which a payment is to be made. It reduces the chances of errors, saves time and eases reconciliation.
An RRR can either be issued to you by a Remita Biller or you can generate it on www.remita.net or the Biller's website.
An RRR cannot be reused once it has been paid via any of the Remita channels. You will need a new RRR for a fresh transaction.
No. An RRR is valid for as long as it has not yet been paid through any of the Remita payment channels.
Your RRR would have been sent to the email address that you supplied when generating the RRR. If you are still unable to find the invoice in your mailbox, go to www.remita.net and select "Resend Invoice"; enter the RRR and submit. A new invoice will be sent to your email address.
A receipt is issued to you at the channel where payment was made. In addition, a copy of the receipt is sent to the email address that you provided when generating the RRR invoice.
Go to www.remita.net then click on "Resend Receipt/Invoice" Enter the RRR and click Submit. A copy of the receipt will be sent to the email address that you supplied when generating the RRR invoice.
Visit www.remita.net and click on "Pay an Electronic Invoice" Enter the "RRR" on the invoice. Make payment via your preferred Remita channel.
Option 1. Yes, if you already have an RRR, Login to your bank's Internet Banking and navigate to Remita payments. Enter your RRR and submit. Option 2. After generating an RRR on www.remita.net, select your bank logo and login to your bank's Internet Banking and navigate to Remita payments. Enter your RRR and submit.
On the RRR invoice page, select the Debit / Credit card payment option. Enter your card details and authorize payment with your PIN.
Visit the office of the Biller/Merchant or an authorized Remita Agent that has a Remita configured POS terminal Supply your RRR and use your card to make payment at the POS terminal
Give a bank Teller your RRR with your payment. The Bank Teller / Remita Agent processes the RRR on Remita and issues a receipt.
If you don't have an RRR, the Bank Teller / Remita Agent can generate one on your behalf if you supply all the transaction details.
You can make payment at the bank branch without an RRR as bank tellers can generate one for you. However, we advise that you to generate RRR before making payment at the bank as it saves time and reduces risk of errors.
You can pay the balance separately and visit the Biller/Merchant with the two payment receipts.
Billers are able to confirm if payment has been made for an RRR upon presentment of the receipt or the invoice number. In order to get service, ensure you have made payments at any of Remita's channels before going to the Biller/Merchant with the RRR.
For portals/websites integrated with Remita, the role of the platform in the transaction process flow relates to remittance of payments to the bank account of the biller, and provision of relevant feedback to the biller via their portal. The resolution path for each biller varies. Therefore, kindly contact the Biller/Merchant.

Direct Debit/ Standing Order

Direct Debit is an instruction from a payer to his/her bank, authorizing the bank to pay a biller an amount of money over a specified period of time. It can be for fixed or variable amounts.
Yes, customers can make recurring payment to you via Direct Debit /Standing Order.
To setup a Direct Debit in favour of a registered Remita Biller, payers should visit www.remita.net, select "Setup Recurring Payments (Standing Order)", and "Pay Remita Billers" Type in the name of the biller in the field "Who do you want to pay" and select the service type. Complete the online Mandate Form, sign and submit to their bank for activation (Payers can also activate the mandate form on their bank’s online banking platform). Once activated, the payer's nominated account will be debited on the agreed dates and the biller’s bank account credited.
Remita will retry with a view to recover funds once the account is funded.
You can cancel your Direct Debit by going to your bank with an instruction to stop the payments to the Biller / Merchant.
The payer should contact the Biller as all debited funds would have been remitted to the Biller, who are able to confirm this action.
Remita will send a reminder to the payer before the debit date, alerting the payer to ensure that the nominated account is sufficiently funded for the debit.
You can activate a Direct Debit/ Standing Order by submitting the Direct Debit form at any of your bank's branch for authorization, or online at your bank's Internet Banking.


Yes. Remita can be integrated to your website. Visit www.remita.net/developers for technical details to get you started.
All the Remita collections channels are available to Remita Integrators - Cards, Bank Branches, POS, Micro Finance Banks, Collection Agents, Direct Debit etc.
There is no charge to integrate to your e-commerce site with Remita.
Complete the registration process to become a Remita Biller; Define your Service types and follow the Integration documents at www.remita.net/developers.
Yes. Specified service types will only be accessible via your website, whilst payment will be processed on Remita.
Remita supports all standard codes e.g. PHP, JAVA and .NET languages.
Remita integration can be completed in less than a week, subject to availiability of all required information/resources.
Remita has plugins for Open Cart, Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce. We continue to add more plugins for our integrators. View them at www.remita.net/developers
Visit www.remita.net/developers to view the Demo Credentials. Live credentials for your merchant will only be sent to you after a successful UAT.
Complete the Remita Integration User Acceptance Test (UAT) document attaching relevant screenshots from your website/portal. Once the UAT document has been confirmed you will be issued with live credentials and you can start processing transactions. Download the UAT form at www.remita.net/developers.
Yes. Remita can credit multiple beneficiaries from a single transaction. Please note that additional charges may apply.

Remita Mobile App

Remita Mobile is an innovative mobile app, available on Android and iOS that simply allows you to run all your bank accounts from a single application. Also, you won’t ever need to switch banking apps to do transfers, airtime, bill payments, again, ever!
Remita Mobile brings the full power of Remita on the web to the everyday user, on-the-go. With Remita Mobile, as a corporate executive, you never need a PC or laptop to initiate or approve corporate transactions on the platform anymore. You can simply see all your bank accounts and process payments right from your phone.
Search for Remita Mobile on Google Play Store or Apple App store. Click to download and install.
  • View balances and carry out transactions from all your accounts or cards across all banks on a single screen.
  • Switch between multiple profiles and act in multiple capacity either as an individual or an employee/employer. View organizational payslips as an employee, approve payment instructions as an employer and go back to being an individual as you wish.
  • Pay over a thousand Federal Government ministries, departments and agencies from your phone conveniently.
  • Pay and request payment with QR Code from your friends and customers for services rendered, and ask for money from family and friends for various purposes like wedding or 'Aso-Ebi' contributions, etc.
The default daily transaction limit for payments initiated on the mobile app is N25,000. However, successfully registered users may update their limits by using the Manage My Daily Limit Submenu under Settings, subject to the authentication method in place at their banks.
You can add account(s) to your profile on the Remita Mobile immediately after completing the registration. You can also locate Add Bank Accounts & Cards from the Menu button to add accounts subsequently. To deactivate an account, simply email us at support[at]remita.net and we will get you sorted.
Transactions consummated on the app are charged at N50.00 (VAT exclusive). However, government and airtime transactions are free of charge. For payments via cards, additional charges may apply depending on the transaction value and currency.
There are many reasons why your OTP may not be delivered. Ensure that the phone number you are expecting the OTP on is the same phone number tied to your account at your bank. Sometimes, delays with your network provider may also be a problem. You may therefore allow some time and attempt the activation process again. If none of these works, kindly send us an email at support[at]remita.net. We would be more than glad to be of help.
Yes, you can use Remita Mobile without adding your bank account. However, you will be limited to doing transactions with your local and/or international cards.
There are a few reasons why you may not be able to login into your account.
  • It is possible that you are using the wrong password. You should check to ensure that your password is correct and is in the right case.
  • If your phone is out of good network coverage, you may not be able to use the Remita Mobile as it requires a working internet connection. Kindly check your network quality.
  • It could also be that you have run out of data on your mobile network (if you are not using WiFi). Kindly check your data balance to reconfirm.
However, if none of these applies to you, please send an email to support[at]remita.net and we would be glad to help.
All bank accounts can be used on Remita Mobile. However, not all banks currently support self-activation of accounts. We are currently working with the other banks to make this possible. Till then, you can manually add your bank account by applying at your bank.
You can use any of your valid emails to register on the Remita Mobile. Remita verifies your email address at the point of registration.
For enquiries, complaints or suggestions, please send a mail to support[at]remita.net or call 0700-787-7678
Please make use of the Change Password Submenu under Settings. You may also use the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the login screen.
Remita Mobile has multi-layered security elements implemented at various levels of the application. All communication between Remita Mobile and Remita core services are through secure channels (TLS 1.2) and are encrypted. In addition, customer data and other sensitive information on mobile devices are also encrypted. Your profile is secured with your password and/or fingerprint for biometric-enabled mobile devices. Furthermore, transactions can only be successfully consummated using Remita’s Dynamic Authentication Number (DAN) or PIN depending on the authentication option you have selected.
Unfortunately, because of the decline of the Blackberry platform, Remita Mobile is only available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.
Beneficiaries receive credit instantly for transactions done on the Remita Mobile.
You can process payments on the app using your international debit and credit cards.
Remita automatically sends you an email containing the receipt for your transaction. You can also view your receipts at any time by selecting View Receipts icon on your dashboard.


Remita is offered as a Pay-as- you-use model. There are charges for the different types of transactions on Remita. Visit www.remita.net/pricing for a comprehensive breakdown of our fees.
At setup the merchant specifies who bears the transaction charges (i.e. the merchant or the payer).