REMITA - One Stop Solution

Remita is a three-module platform on which you can build your e-payment practice.


The Base module is the e-payment module which enables you to remit funds to all Banks, MicroFinance, Mortgage Banks  and Mobile wallets in Nigeria.

Salary Remittance
Remita enables organizations to make direct payments to their employees’ accounts. These employee accounts need not be in the same bank as the paying organisation’s bank account. Employees receive their salaries as soon as payment is made via Remita. They also receive email and optional SMS alerts whenever salary payment has been made to their account.

Vendors, Contractor & Other Third Remittance
Remita allows individuals and organizations to issue electronic cheques to vendors  and other third parties. The third party account may be in the same or other banks. These cheques get immediate value as the beneficiaries receive instant credit.
Remita generates payment advice to the funds recipient as soon as payment is made. Simultaneously, the payment beneficiary receives a brief description via SMS and a detail payment advice describing puspose of payment as email.

Pension Remittance
Remita enables organizations to make pension contribution payment to relevant PFA accounts held in the custody of Pension Fund Custodians (PFC).
Whenever these payments are made to the PFA accounts, Remita automatically generates matching payment schedules which is simultanously made available to the respective PFAs and PFCs.

PAYE Tax Remittance
Remita enables organizations to make PAYE tax payments to appropriate Boards of Internal Revenue. Remita also generates tax schedules to support each tax remittance. These schedules are made available to the respective Boards in real time. This saves the time required to achieve this through delivery of many schedules which may not even be synchronised with payments made.

Personal Remittance
Remita enables you as an individual to make payments to beneficiary accounts in your bank or any other bank from the comfort of your home or office. You can issue one or several echeques at a time. In addition, you can issue standing orders on a one-off basis for the payment of your tithes, offerings, monthly premiums, annual subscriptions, regular and steady transfers to your parents, children, other dependents or charity organizations.


Remita Collections provides an e-Payment platform for organisations to receive payments for services they have rendered to their customers.

The Collections module also empowers you to setup a form to be intuitively completed by customers who want to make payments to you.  The form would help you fully understand who they are and what they are paying for. You may request for information such as Customer Number, Good Ordered, Policy Number, Delivery Method. or other information required for your internal processes.

This form will be available at under the "Beneficiary with Customised Form" menu and also at your website if you so wish.  After completing the single electronic pay-in slip you would have designed above, your customers can make payments to you by issuing a Standing Orde or Direct Debit instruction to their bank or from their bank internet site or indeed from quite a number of bank branches in Nigeria. In all cases, your designed electronic form will be mandatorily completed and this will be passed on to you upon successful payment

Payroll Processing Module

Remita is the first and to date, remains the only Payroll platform that has packed so much into the same solution that provides a truly ONE STOP platform to you for your unprecedented operational efficiency.

This means that you have a ONE - STOP solution that allows you:

  1. Compute all your staff allowances, loans, pensions, taxes, overtime allowances, cooperatives, union and other deductions and process monthly payroll at the touch of ONE button.
  2. Pay salaries directly into staff accounts held in any commercial, micro-finance, mortgage bank or even mobile accounts.
  3. Send Pay slips and Tax analysis slips to all your staff at the end of every pay run.
  4. Automatically send matching electronic schedules to 3rd parties such as:
  5. Pension Funds Administrators (PFAs) and Pension Funds Custodians (PFCs).
  6. Staff Cooperatives.
  7. State Boards of Inland Revenue Services (SBIR) alongside your payments to them. For participating states including Lagos state, a tax certificate will be delivered to you.

This indeed means that you no longer ever need to send paper schedules to backup payments to PFAs, PFCs, Unions, Cooperatives and Tax Authorities.

Remita is available to both Registered and Unregistered users.
Unregistered users can use Remita to achieve some limited payment functions in a 2 stage process. They can generate a Remita Retrieval Ref at and use the RRR to pay at any bank or bank internet site.

Upon successful payment, their relevant details are automatically passed on to the payment beneficiaries in the beneficiaries desired format.

Registered users are able to effect full end-to-end operation independently from anywhere and have access to all reports of their transaction.

Remita is a courier service that rides on secured electronic highways to deliver funds to bank accounts and associated schedules to relevant bodies.

Accordingly, Remita can remit funds to accounts in any Financial Institution and can also “Collect” funds from designated accounts which have been so pre-configured.


In addition to core Payments and Collections, Remita can assist you to:

  • Check all bank balances on one screen
  • Issue Standing orders or "Post Dated Cheques" for recurring payments
  • Monitor and authorize payments from remote locations
  • Trace and Investigate payments made

Remita is delivered by SystemSpecs, Nigeria’s leading software house.
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